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X-ray storage box accessories play an important role in the radiographic process, shielding the image, screen intensification, and imaging plates used by diagnostic technicians. The conservation and preservation of X-ray is a must in order for these technicians to create transparent, vivid images. The X-Ray Storage Box is made of heavy gauge metal sheet that covers the whole cabinet with internal lead covering. The Hospital X-Ray Storage Box is a robust, lightweight build. The Medical X-Ray Storage Box is a light-resistant cabinet designed for installing films & tape storage on castor wheels. The X-Ray storage box is suitable for X-Ray storage in hospitals, laboratories, imaging diagnostic centres, emergency departments, doctors' offices, or even general office use. Both x-ray storage box accessories units are made up of individual shelves that stack up to five units deep on top of each other. Desco Medical India's medical storage box also inter-stacks the x-ray shelves to create a combination filing machine.