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In order to increase joint stability, Physio Wax Bath is a type of deep heat therapy requiring the application of heat to warm the connecting tissues. It is used mostly to treat sore hands and feet. In order to produce improved performance, it is essentially used in tandem with traditional mobilization strategies and a personalized workout schedule. Hospital Physio Wax Bath is an excellent treatment that helps to relieve discomfort, sustain mobility in arthritis and heal stiff post-traumatic hands. It serves as a form of heat therapy which helps increase the flow of blood, calm the muscles and reduce the stiffness of the joints. It also helps to reduce spasms and irritation of the muscles and to heal sprains. A painless, soothing and pleasurable therapy is the Medical Physio Wax Bath. It alleviates constant pain in the knees and relaxes sore muscles. As a warm oil-based wax, a paraffin treatment uses Physio wax bath accessories to provide pain relief for knees and intense muscles such as hands and feet. This therapy also has skin-softening advantages.