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A common alternative to ultrasound therapy can be called Hospital Diathermy. Diathermy involves using an electrical pulse to add heat to the affected area. Using ultrasound, a high-frequency electric short-wave is supplied to the affected area. This continues to produce heat waves which could help reduce swelling, discomfort and inflammation. Electrically stimulated heat is the medical diathermy machine and it is one form of physical therapy. In the surgical process, this unit is often used. It is also used to convince the tissue to heat up. The diathermy therapy provides relief of the muscles. Desco Medical India provides clients with high-quality medical diathermy products. With quality service, we deliver first-class equipment. In order to deliver the right medical diathermy products for our clients, we have skilled and suitable experts. The treatment of medical diathermy provides the patient with certain advantages, such as enhancing blood supply, increasing tissue mobility, and decreasing discomfort and others.