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Medical Parallel bars are equipment specifically used to help patients re-learn to walk and gait exercise, as well as to restore balance, strength, range of motion, and agility, in physical and occupational rehabilitation therapy. Hospital Parallel bars can be platform-mounted, floor-mounted, or wall-mounted as fixed or mobile, and can be adjustable in height with electrical and battery control or manual manipulation. For patients suffering from post-surgery, muscle atrophy, diabetes, disease, nerve injury, or other disorders or illnesses, they are also used in rehabilitation. At the click of a button, the specially built deluxe Parallel Bars by Desco Medical India allows individual height adjustment. The quick, smooth, electric driven movement to various heights enables the therapists to achieve optimum relaxation for each patient & a real time saver. Parallel Bar Products gives support to patients with hemiplegia, impairment of the extremity or trunk, balancing issues or those who are unable to bear weight on their wrist or wrists, manually adjusted distance.