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X-ray safety products include must-have personal protective equipment for X-ray protection and radiology, such as lead aprons, lead glasses and lead shields. Hospital X-ray safety products like dental lead apron, ideal for dentists and oral surgeons, highlights that many of products have been designed for a specific medical specialty or procedure. In addition, our accessories improve radiation safety. Desco medical India thyroid shields expand the protection provided by the lead apron. Medical x ray safety equipment lead apron racks secure your money and make the lead apron open to your radiology staff. In the field of interventional radiology, radiation attenuation Glove shield the hand from the accumulated effect of scatter radiation. In the case of vets caring for our furry friends, our Blue Vet Mitt covers the hands during radiography. Our wide variety of patient shields makes it easy to add radiation safety to your patients. X-ray safety accessories allow for the added chance of repeated exposure to radiation. Secure your staff and your patients forever.