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The purpose of the X-ray front sided apron is to reduce the sensitivity of a hospital patient to x-rays in vital organs potentially subjected to ionizing radiation during medical imaging using x-rays (radiography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography). Medical X-ray front sided aprons used for dental imaging should have collars of thyroid gland. Find lightweight and protective lead and lead-free radiation safety apron for all forms of procedures. Choose an apron and customize it with paint, sizing and optional accessories. We offer a complete range of hospital X-ray front sided apron X-ray lead aprons for radiation safety, plus lighter-weight lead composite and non-lead aprons. Standard lead aprons contain 100% lead, making them the heaviest X-ray safety apron we sell. Lighter lead-composite and non-lead aprons are generally more expensive, but they are 25 per cent-40 per cent lighter than a comparable 100 per cent lead apron.