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The simple Stand-In frame fits weight-bearing body parts easily. It helps avoid muscle less leg atrophy, increases range of motion, and improves breathing, decreases tendon spasms and contraction. The Medical Stand-In frame is made of teak wood of the highest quality and built with a laminated top tray. The standing classic of Desco Medical India makes a supportive Hospital Stand-In Frame possible as needed and grows from toddler to adulthood with our modular theory. Optimal setup options, simple storage, various pool frame opening options: the protection and suitability of our aids are still very critical for daily use. This alternative positioning system aims to assist all sorts of people with minor to extreme disabilities that are visually disabled. This 'passive' standing act allows these people to enjoy the benefits of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing that this Stand-In Frame movement provides and to reduce the health hazards and dangers often associated with extended sitting.