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Desco medical India Ultrasound gel is a non-greasy ultrasound gel that is water soluble. The water-soluble ultrasound non-sensitization gel is the ideal lubrication for a simple and succinct imagery of the inner body. The multipurpose hospital ultra sound gel is specially designed so that ultrasound is transparent and accurate over a wide spectrum of frequencies. It is considered an appropriate diagnostic ultrasound device for all forms of gel choice. The surface where the ultrasound has been rendered is lubricated. It also allows the ultrasound process to level out and encourage. The gel is added to the body's skin. For the lubrication effect of the gel, the Ultrasound scanner is rubbed along the surface. We are a medical ultrasound gel manufacturer specialized in ultrasound imaging materials, better known as sonography. Ultrasound imaging utilizes sound waves to produce internal representations of the body to recognize swelling, pain, and infection areas.