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Model No : APVE 121


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Short Description

ICU Ventilator Vertical Silver Manufactured by Desco Medical India

Product Description

Ventilator Vertical Silver Manufactured by Desco Medical India

Ventilator Vertical Silver is a multi-functional Ventilator and is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency.
Display Mode : High-definition 5.7” LCD screen display
Ventilation Mode : IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, MANUAL
Ventilation Function : PEEP, SIGH, IRV
Ventilation Parameters 
Tidal volume                                    50~1500ml
Rate                                                 2~99bpm
SIMV rate                                         2~20bpm
I:E                                                    2:1~1:8
Inspiratory trigger pressure           -1.0~2.0 kPa 
PEEP                                              0~2.0 kPa
Pressure range                              1.0~6.0 kPa
SIGH                                               1.5 times the inspiratory time
Parameters for ventilation monitoring  tidal volume, minute ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, pressure - time waveform, flow rate - time waveform, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure
Security Alarm System
Airway pressure alarm                             Upper limit setting range       1.0~6.0 kPa
                                                                       Low limit setting range         0.4~2.0 kPa
Per-minute ventilation volume alarm    Upper limit setting range       3.0~30L/min
                                                                      Low limit setting range          1.0~10L/min
Sustained high-pressure alarm            It will give alarm when stress have consistently been higher than 2.5 kPa 
Suffocation alarm                                  It will give sound and light alarm if there is no tidal volume input for 15 seconds                                                       
Power alarm
Power                                                   AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz UPS, Storage battery
Mechanical Arms
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Ventilator Vertical Silver at wholesale competitive prices from India.


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