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Vaporizer Halothane Meditec


Model No : APVA 105


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Short Description

Portable Vaporizer Halothane Meditec England Supplied by Desco Medical India

Product Description

Vaporizer Halothane Meditec England Supplied by Desco Medical India

Vaporizer Halothane Meditec England can only fill with Halothane 
Temperature 15? to 35? 
Humidity 30% to 75% relative humidity
Calibrated at Sea Level
To minimize filling frequency, the vaporizer accomodates 250ml of Anesthetic Agent.
The dials turning easily with small graduations helps to fine tune anaesthesia delivery over the full range of dial setting and flow rates.
Vaporizer Halothane Meditec is colour coded with Red Colour and have clear agent level indicators and a tamper proof lable for complete security
Works consistently in altitudes upto 2440m above Sea Level
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Vaporizer Halothane Meditec England at wholesale competitive prices from India.

Model No : 
APVA 105    Halothane Meditec England UK
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