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Model No : SSMS 171


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Mitral Set Manufactured by Desco Medical India

Product Description

Mitral Set Manufactured by Desco Medical India

Specifications :-  
Mitral Set consists of instruments made of High Grade Stainless Steel.
Mitral Set is also known as Mitral Valve repair Set.
Mitral valve repair is a cardiac surgery procedure performed by cardiac surgeons to treat stenosis (narrowing) or regurgitation (leakage) of the mitral valve. The mitral valve is the "inflow valve" for the left side of the heart. Blood flows from the lungs, where it picks up oxygen, through the pulmonary veins, to the left atrium of the heart. After the left atrium fills with blood, the mitral valve allows blood to flow from the left atrium into the heart's main pumping chamber called the left ventricle. It then closes to keep blood from leaking back into the left atrium or lungs when the ventricle contracts (squeezes) to push blood out to the body. It has two flaps, or leaflets, known as cusps.
The techniques of mitral valve repair include inserting a cloth-covered ring around the valve to bring the leaflets into contact with each other (annuloplasty), removal of redundant/loose segments of the leaflets (quadrangular resection), and re-suspension of the leaflets with artificial (Gore-Tex) cords.
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Mitral Set Made of High Grade Stainless Steel at wholesale competitive prices from India.