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What is the Weight and Size Ratio of a Laryngeal Mask?

30 Jun 2018

Some patients need oxygen administration due to respiratory problems. They are provided assistance in breathing with the help of an oxygen mask especially designed for this job. Desco makes the masks that open the respiratory system to ensure quick administration of medicines for smooth breathing.

Oxygen administration is an important part of clinical assessment and treatment for patients admitted in ICUs. We make the device needed for restoring proper breathing. It is so designed that it can easily be worn and connected to oxygen supply line. Made of lightweight material, the device conveniently fits on a face. And we have masks of different sizes to suit different needs.


A laryngeal mask is an extended device that opens the wind pipe from inside and in this way helps in clinical assessment and treatment. We have these masks of all sizes from 1-5. For example, patients under 5 kg weight are provided size one and size 5 is used for patients with above 70 kg weight. It is necessary for surgeons to match the size of device with weight of a patient.

Success of a mask depends on its design, size and weight. Also, the surgeons should do clinical assessment of supportive devices before putting the devices into use. Non-invasive in nature, we make the masks that easily fit on every face shape and size. These devices are used during surgical treatment and in post-operative care.


Surgical patients are administered tranquilizers to prepare the patients for surgery. Desco Medical India makes easy-to-use anesthesia face masks for administering tranquilizers in a controlled manner. These devices have cuffs that allow complete seal over face. We make bulk supplies to hospitals and clinics. Desco make masks that are easy to clean and can be reused again and again.