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Overview and Types of Infant Baby Incubator

21 May 2022

When you’ve been waiting for so long to become parents and something happens that keeps your newborn baby separated from you can be devastating. Sometimes premature or sick baby needs little extra care, Infant baby incubator provides safest and stable environment for little one.

Infant Incubator's temperature is controlled by superior micro computer technology. Incubators can minimize the chance of germs & additional infection while newest member of family heals from an illness. Incubators also offer a protected space where it’s possible to monitor vitals 24/7 when little one also needs multiple IVs for fluids, medication, etc.

They provide safe environment for baby while their vital organs develop. Premature newborns can have trouble regulating their body temperature, they don’t have much fat that makes them prone to hypothermia. It is a condition where body loses heat faster than it can produce it. Baby incubators prevent hypothermia by helping infant maintain an optimal body temperature. Baby incubators also act as humidifiers. That protects newborns from having skin problems.

They also protect babies from direct light, unpleasant noises that can disturb their sleep, increases in blood pressure and cause them unnecessary stress. Constant monitoring allows nurses and doctors to keep track of baby’s health status.

There are different types of incubators such as closed box incubators, open box incubators, servo control incubators, double-walled incubators and portable incubators.

Open box incubator- In this incubator baby is placed on a flat surface with radiant heat element positioned above providing heat to the newborn.


Closed box incubator- In this incubator baby is completely surrounded there are holes to allow IVs and human hands. It is designed to protect them from germ, light and other things.


Portable incubator- it is used to transport baby from one place to another it includes mini ventilator, a cardio-respiratory monitor, an IV pump etc.


Double walled incubator- it has two walls that can further prevent heat and air moisture loss.


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