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Use of Face Shield in this World of Pandemic

13 May 2022

Face shields are personal protective equipment used for protection of face from viruses, dust and many hazards like flying objects, chemical splashes, and infectious material in medical laboratory environment.

But during Corona virus outbreak their use became mandatory especially for front line workers. Face shields provide better protection from this virus and prevent wearer from unnecessary touching to face, eyes and nose. Face shields don’t cause itchy feeling and they are very comfortable to wear.

They offer an extra layer of protection. Face mask covers mouth and nose, leaving eyes. In the awake of pandemic Covid-19 face shields are gaining popularity because covid-19 cannot penetrate plastic.Face shields block virus from reaching eyes, nose and mouth.

They protect eyes, nose and mouth from contamination. It is best to wear face mask with face shield. Face Shields are reusable, so it won’t feel much burden on pockets when you buy one for protection.

In medical applications term face shields refers to a variety of devices used to guard a healthcare provider during a medical procedure that might expose them to blood or other potentially infectious fluids.

There are two methods used to manufacture face shields that are extrusion & injection molding. Face shields cut from extrusion sheets give much better impact and resistance than injection molded face shields.

Face shields by DESCO Medical India are very popular and best choice for our corona warriors. It can cover entire face from forehead to neck while giving complete protection when you have to step out of home.