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Usage of Patients Transfer Stretcher in Hospitals

17 May 2022

A patient transfer stretcher is a medical tool used in hospitals to transfer patients in supine position. They are especially designed for emergency departments, post anesthesia care unit and trauma centers. Stretcher is required to lift patient efficiently. Patients who are unable to move or severely sick need stretcher to transfer from one place to another.

Increasing number of health care facilities has raised the demand for stretcher. Technological advancements in medical equipment & devices are also the cause of increased demand for patient transfer stretchers trolleys worldwide. Manual Stretcher Trolley is the most commonly used trolley worldwide for transferring patient. They are not expensive and easy-to-use which makes them popular choice among hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Global Patient Transfer Stretcher Trolley Market is expanding everyday. It is mainly driven by the rising number of disasters occurring around the globe which requires instant response and quick evacuation of injured people from different areas such as buildings, roads etc., stretchers trolleys are widely used for this purpose.They help transfer patients without causing any further damage to their bones and muscles.

It also lessen the possibility of further injuries that might occur if traditional method of carrying patients on hands were followed it can cause more damage due to pressure put on fragile limbs. The Military sector is another major application for this product which helps in the One-Man Operation of Patient Transfer while reducing further damage caused to soft tissues and joints. Stretcher trolleys are used by paramedics, rescue workers or military personnel in emergency situations. It also reduces human effort in carrying patient to immediate treatment.