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What are the Varieties of a Suction Unit?

06 Sep 2018

In medicine, the airway is cleared of secretions like blood, saliva and vomit using a suction unit that pumps out the unnecessary fluid blocking the airway in a hassle free manner. Typically used in emergency conditions, this device comes in a wide range of designs and sizes. Desco Medical India has the largest range of these machines and this company supplies the devices to hospitals and clinics all over the world.

StanVac: It is a handheld model good for quick use in emergency conditions when the patient has difficulty breathing due to secretion blocking his airway. This handheld machine can provide fast relief from blockage and prepare the patient for treatment.


Ambulance units: Desco Medial India offers StanVac and DeVac ambulance machines for use in emergency conditions. Both the machines work well and both are suitable for use in medical vans. The suction aspirator is made with mild steel and second is plastic made. Both the machines have lubrication free oil free diaphragm pump.


Stand model: We have five different stand model machines for emergency use. The height adjustable units are convenient to use and the hassle-free use keeps the doctors free from the position of the machines. Also, they come with wheels for mobile use.


Portable machines: Desco Medical India understands needs of emergency medical equipment and for this reason it provides a wide range of necessary devices. A portable suction machine is useful when a patient needs help in his home or wherever he is.


Our high quality products are in high demand in India and worldwide at large. We’ve created a niche market for our products in a short span and we’re growing at a rapid pace. Our devices are used in hospitals, clinics and everywhere. A suction unit is a life-saving machine only when it is a quality device.