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Various Medical Products And Its Uses

14 Feb 2022

Medical safety products include face shields, goggles, facemasks, gloves, head, body and leg protection, fall protection and insect sprayer. It is commonly used in health care settings like hospitals, doctor's offices & clinical laboratories. These safety products ensure protection of doctor’s technicians and patients during medical and laboratory procedures.
The global outbreak of corona virus has increased the demand of medical protection equipments such as mask, face shield, gloves etc...
Head protection- Head injuries are one of the most common causes of fatality. That is why it’s important to select the correct head gear and use it properly. Choosing appropriate head gear is first step and then training should be done after a risk assessment & safety plan.
Eye protection- It protects eyes, and sometimes face, it is designed to reduce the risk of injury from wind, dust, flying objects and particles, chemical burns, acid splashes, etc.
Hearing protection- People should wear a hearing protector if sound level they are exposed to is close to occupational exposure limits (OEL) noise.
Face Protection- It protects wearer's face from hazards such as chemical splashes, flying objects etc...
Hand Protection- Prime purpose of hand Protection rubber gloves is to protect hands while performing tasks involving chemicals, surgical operations, dishwashing to provide protection against detergent etc.
Foot protection- Many companies are responsible for buying protective footwear for each employee required to wear it. It protects foot from Impact, Electrical shock, Explosive, Extreme Heat and Cold, Slippery Surface etc.,
Body protection- It’s an outer garment covering the front of the body, it protects health care providers clothing during surgery or certain nursing procedures.
Fall protection-It protects wearer from falling orto stop them without causing severe injury.
Insect sprayer- It is basically the most effective piece of pest control equipment for applying chemicals like pesticides & herbicides.