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Unbelievable Facts About Anesthesia Rebreathing Bags

12 May 2017

Deluxe Scientific Surgio Pvt. Ltd.

Anaesthesia rebreathing bags are also known as medical rebreathing bags. It acts like a reservoir for gases during anaesthesia that is why it is also known as the “Reservoir Bag”.

Our bags are self-inflating and come with a bag, an inlet port for oxygen, an adaptor, an oxygen reservoir, and a pressure relief or pop-up valve. The capacity of the bag ranges between 0.50 and 3.00 litres. The bags are easy to clean and are easy to use with machines

Overview of Reservoir bags:

“Watch the bag…” is a common expression heard in the operation theatre; here the ‘bag’ refers to a reservoir bag which is a crucial component of an anaesthetic circuit. The bag functions by providing the much require ventilation to the patient while being attached to the anaesthetic circuit or the resuscitation circuit.


Functioning: The primary function of any breathing circuit is to deliver oxygen and anaesthetic gases to a patient while elimination carbon dioxide. Rebreathing circuit directs the expired gases through a soda-lime canister for absorption of carbon dioxide and then is rebreathed by the patient because of the unidirectional valves.

Usage: Anaesthesia rebreathing bag should be normally pressed every fourth second to maintain a respiratory arte of 15 per minute. The bag should also be pressed adequately to meet the body’s requirement so that oxygen is delivered and carbon dioxide is removed properly.

The main advantage to the self-inflating bag is its ease of use. The bag provides a rapid means of ventilating a child in the case of an emergency and it doesn’t require an oxygen source, although only room air (21%) oxygen is delivered unless supplemental oxygen is provided.

Our Product:

Desco Medical India (manufacturer, exporter, and suppliers) believe in delivering the best quality, come what may. Our bags have been accepted and commended by reputed medical professionals in private, government and military sectors. Our range of rebreathing bags comes in a wide variety. We manufacture bags basis different age groups, following is a brief description of our product range

  • For Infants (Neonates)
  • For Children (up to 3 years)
  • For Children > 3 years
  • For Adults


Product Range:

  • Rebreathing Bag – Black (Reservoir)
  • Rebreathing Bag – Green (Reservoir)
  • Rebreathing Bag – Silicone
  • Oxygen Reservoir Bag
  • HME Filter child
  • HME Filter Adult


Five essential components in the Anesthesia rebreathing bag:

Regardless of the shape or configuration of rebreathing bags, they share five essential components.

  • Hoses
  • Rebreathing bag
  • Unidirectional flow valves
  • Co2 absorbent
  • Pop off valve


Head hood:

They are rubber bags that encompass the infant’s head.

O2 80-90%@ flow of >10+15 L/min.

It is good if they cannot tolerate NC.

Oxygen Tent:

Clear plastic/rubber shells that surrounds the child’s head and upper body.

Significant Advantage:

Anesthesia rebreathing bags help patient warmer and to retain moisture.

Order placing:

The products are available through our stores and delivery depends on customer location through our sales representatives.