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Types Of PPE KIT And Its Uses

17 Feb 2022

Pandemic, corona virus is affecting everyone around us, it took our loved ones, destroyed our economy and everything. In these difficult times protecting yourself from this virus is priority. Our front-line workers need protection like PPE KIT now more than ever.

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, it comprises advanced outfits & equipment worn by workers to ensure their safety, protection and welfare against infectious diseases. PPE kits are not made exclusively only for healthcare providers but are produce for various purposes. It provides protection to workers in all professions from occupational health hazards such as chemical, heat and electrical materials as well as airborne particulate matter.


In the awake of pandemic PPE KIT became mandatory. PPE KIT is essential for safety of every individual at a variety of non-medical applications where safety to all body parts is required against covid-19, dust, bacteria, germs and other biohazards. It provides complete protection from head to toe, ensures that all vulnerable areas of the body are protected including Nose, Eye, Respiratory System, Mouth, Hand &Feet.


Eye Protection- safety glasses, impact goggles

Face Protection- face shields

Head Protection- helmets and hard hats

Respiratory Protection- surgical masks, respirators

Hand Protection- gloves and wrist cuffs

Body Protection- gowns, full-body suits

Foot Protection- safety boots, concealed shoes

Hearing Protection- ear plugs, noise bands, acoustic foams


PPE KIT contains complete protection pack. However, effective protection can only be achieved by equipment which is correctly fitted, maintained, and properly used at all times. And DESCO products ensures your protection, quality we provide in PPE KIT include 65 GSM, 90 GSM. Let us help you buy the best PPE KIT and provide you with excellent protection against Corona virus.