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Mortuary Coolers – What Makes For A Good Cooler

18 Jul 2017

Once a person dies, the human corpse can last from a few hours to days and in sporadic cases, even a few weeks. To avoid or delay decomposition of the body, they need to be preserved in an environment which has a freezing temperature. Thus the need for a Mortuary cooler arises. This is a piece of equipment that is used for storing human corpses that are to be identified, used for autopsy or to be disposed. The low temperature in these Mortuary coolers ensures that the bodies become frozen and rate of decomposition is lowered.

Almost all hospitals have Mortuary coolers. But it is important for you as a hospital, to have the most efficient ones as a part of your infrastructure. When it comes to choosing a freezer for your hospital, it is vital that you select one which is long-lasting, stable and has the latest technology built in them.

What makes for an ideal mortuary cooler?

A typical freezer has removable trays to move the bodies around. They would also have rollers that ensure ease of movement. It is a must that your freezer has the latest innovative technology and recent developments. This will ensure a smooth functioning of the cooler. The best Mortuary coolers are those whose chamber linings are well-insulated with durable stainless steel.

Polyurethane insulated ones are the best to use as they improve the life of cooler as well. Ideally, your hospital needs a mortuary freezer that has its handles made of chromium as this increases the durability. Almost all modern mortuary coolers are based on the typical modular design. This ensures that it is easy to add more layers with just simple adjustments.


As the use of these mortuary freezers is increasing, manufacturers are constantly developing these coolers by adding features that enhance their usefulness.

The latest mortuary coolers prevent pathogens from growing inside the corpse. An ion powder that is anti-bacterial by nature is added on top of the body when stored. They also offer a more efficient temperature regulator although with the latest technology ensure that the temperature inside remains stable.

Types of Mortuary Coolers

Like any other product, the best Mortuary freezers are those that can be customized. High-quality coolers that are available in an extensive range of sizes are those that are preferred. Hospitals can choose from single door coolers to even five tier ones. This is further available as those that are set aside each other or the regular free standing ones that provide space.

By temperature, mortuary freezers or coolers can be broadly divided into two main categories; actual temperature and negative temperatures.

  • Positive temperature:

In these types of coolers, the corpses can be stored at any temperature that ranges from 2 to 4 degree Celsius.

Although these coolers cannot completely stop the decay of bodies, they significantly lower the rate of decomposition.

  • Negative Temperature:

Corpses in these types of freezers are stored at temperatures ranging from -10 to -50 degree Celsius. One can typically find these Mortuary coolers being used in forensic institutes.

All in all, mortuary coolers are an ideal equipment employed in hospitals in which bodies can be stored for a long time.

So if you are arranging for a Mortuary cooler for your hospital, and want those that are durable, reliable, efficient and rigid one that is packed with the latest technologies, remember that Desco Medical India has the most popular ones in store for you.