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How to Choose an Autoclave Machine

20 Feb 2019

The primary working principles of Autoclave sterilizer are gravity or vacuum-induced, and sometimes both of them work together. Although high-temperature steam and pressure make all the Autoclave sterilizers work, different types of autoclaves are required based on available lab space, capacity, and access to utilities such as electricity, water, and house steam, etc. Let’s have a look at a few types of Autoclave machine –


Vertical Autoclave

These are available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic mode as well as with Pre & Post Vacuum features. Vertical Autoclave is made up of stainless steel having unique double wall design and is also fitted with a heavy duty jacket. The control of the Autoclave sterilizer is digital.


Horizontal Autoclave

These are available in a cylindrical and rectangular shape along with this these are available in automatic and semi-automatic mode. It is suitable for sterilizing hospital dressing linen, plastic instruments, rubber items, surgical instruments, and glassware, etc. It is perfect for bulk sterilization and is best for medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Autoclave Wing Nut

These are available in a variety of forms such as electric & non-electric, automatic & semi-automatic. It has a Vacuum Breaker to remove air packets in the chamber. It is fitted with rubber gasket made up of food grade silicon for better durability.


Gas Cum Electric Autoclave

It can also be operated with LPG other than electricity during power cuts which make it energy efficient. It is fully automatic and has control safety valves along with many other features.


So, you should first list your requirements and then select the most suitable Autoclave machine. You can find Hospital Autoclave sterilizer catering to all your needs.