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Forensic Work Station Manufacturers

13 Jul 2017

An Forensic is performed after the death so that the cause and the nature of death are determined. Forensic is important as the loved ones as well as the doctors can examine any injuries or any disease due to which the person died. This is derived from a Greek word “autopsia”, which means `to see for oneself’. The place or the platform on which the autopsies are conducted is called as the Forensic workstation.

Forensic work stations also called as Dissection workstation are essential and integral part of any hospitals. Forensic work station is more than just a table. It is also used to conduct post mortem investigation. There are different specifications available in a simple Forensic workstation.

What does an Forensic Workstation consist?

From the looks of it, an Forensic work station looks like an ordinary table, except just it has raised edges along with faucets and drains that are required to wash away any residue that are spilled at the time of internal investigation.

Requisite of an Forensic work station

The first and foremost requirement any Forensic workstation would need is that it should be clean and hygienic. Since autopsies need to be performed on a clean platform, the manufacturers have to customize according to the specification and requirement.

In India, Desco Medical India is the leading manufacturers in Forensic workstation. They have high quality materials which are made in accordance with utmost specific requirement. They are the first choice of any hospitals.

Important specification:

  • Forensic Workstations are made from 304 grade steel, which is the highest quality of steel.
  • The table dimension needs to be in the size of 225L X 75W X 90H cm.
    There has to be a double bowl sink.
  • The work station is equipped with three stainless steel sliding unit for supporting the body.
  • The work station should have large radius inside corners so that clean-up is easy.
  • The platform space on the work station has to be hygienic and needs to be free from bacteria, rivets and bolts for easy access and smooth operations.
  • A wooden head rest.
  • A stainless steel faucet, which can be easily operated by wrist and has hot and cold water flow control valves.
  • It should have reverse flow hydro aspirator with built-in vacuum breaker.
  • The work station has engraved measurement scale of its one side to measure cadaver without any hindrance.
  • Should be flexible enough to help complete room wash down.

Table dimensions:

· For the table – 225L X 75W X 90H cm.
· For the dissection wing – 155L X 75W X 97H cm.

Although medicines have evolved which can help to you to diagnose the reason of death, Forensic or post mortem is the accurate and final diagnosis that helps to find the cause of death.

All Forensic workstation comes with a dissection wing and an extra cabinet in the bottom for any additional storage. They normally come in two piece construction which is easy to install and assemble. Forensic workstation manufacturers offer competitive prices and are delivered all over India.