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Features To Look For Before Buying Anaesthesia Equipment

15 Feb 2019

Anesthesia Products are vital instruments in a surgical procedure. It is imperative to give anaesthesia to the patients before carrying out any surgical procedure. All the bigger and small operation theatre have Anaesthesia Equipments and they keep replacing them with the new advanced instruments. Here are a few features you must look for before buying the instruments for anaesthesia –


1.    Oxygen Concentration Monitor

It measures the concentration of oxygen and ensures that the patient inhales safe concentration of oxygen. It is capable of conducting rapid measurements and can perform many safety functions.


2.    Low Oxygen Pressure Shut Off

If the supply pressure of oxygen fads, this feature immediately stops the flow of nitrous oxide.  


3.    Oxygen Supply Pressure Failure Alarm

Usually, this feature is combined with the above feature as it causes to ring an audible alarm if oxygen supply pressure loss.


4.    Single Oxygen flow Control Knob

It reduces the possibility of mistakenly selecting the wrong knob. Earlier there used to be two knobs for high and low flow of oxygen.


5.    Pipeline Pressure Gauges

It measures gas pressure in the high pressure lines of nitrous oxide, oxygen, and air.


6.    Color-Coded Flow Meters and Flow Control Knobs

Flow meter tubes, and flow meter control knobs are uniquely color-coded to represent each gas or unit.


7.    Oxygen-Nitrous Oxide Ratio Monitor

It senses the ratio of both the gases and rings an alarm if the ratio is unsafe.


All these advanced features ensure the safety of the patients and let the doctors focus more on treating the patient than monitoring the Anaesthesia Equipments. So, always look for advanced features before buying Anesthesia Products.