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Anesthesia Workstations Manufacturers India

08 May 2017

Anesthesia Workstations Manufacturers India is dedicated to manufacturing super quality products, to meet the massive demand of it in medical centers, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. These workstations are manufactured with high-quality material and are supplied worldwide at reasonable prices. Workstations are designed efficiently with mobile design, compact structure and smooth finish. It is fitted with a ventilator which can be controlled through a microcomputer and it is sensitive to transmissions and sensors. It is scientifically designed through a precise process of production, which enhances its internal quality. The modern expertise is infused in the workstations which make it versatile in functioning and helps in giving exceptional performance. The workstation is fitted with folded respiratory bellows to ensure mechanical ventilation, while the system of pneumatic measurement and transmission assures proper air supply.


The ventilator of the workstation is fitted with HD TFT colored LCD screen, which can be controlled through a microcomputer. This screen displays the performance of respiration control and also supervises various parameters. The working of the ventilator is quite versatile and provides exceptional functioning. It is fitted with highly accurate Vaporizer which has steady concentration output, automatic system which controls the rate of temperature, pressure and flow. Gases can be chosen from Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Enflurane or Halothane, which can help in the effective process of anesthesia. Output oxygen concentration can be controlled through an HD flowmeter fitted with four tubes and stoppers to control oxygen and nitrous oxide.  Anesthesia workstations are manufactured in three categories:

Silver Anesthesia workstations

Silver workstations are fitted with following specifications:

  • Engineered with plastic racks of excessive strength which are buoyant, attractive and corrosion resistant.
  • They can be used for children and adults
  • Gases : oxygen: 0.28~0.6 MPa  N2O: 0.28~0.6 MPa
  • O2 and N2O are linked and there is a stopper for N2O
  • Alarm will sound when the pressure of Oxygen goes below 0.2MPa
  • Different bellows for adults and children
  • Modes of ventilation are: IPPV, SIMV, SIPPV, PCV,VCV and manual
  • Function of ventilation are PEEP, IRV,IP,SIGH and standby

Gold Anesthesia workstations


Gold Anesthesia Workstations are designed with these specifications:

  • It has a well engineered plastic rack which is highly durable and is compact, well designed and resistant to corrosion.
  • Can be used for adults as well as children
  • Gases Oxygen and N2O are sourced at O2: 0.28~0.6MPa  N2O: 0.28~0.6MPa
  • There is linkage between oxygen and nitrous oxide
  • Alarm starts sounding when pressure falls below 0.2MPa
  • An automatic vaporizer is there which controls pressure, flow rate and temperature.

Diamond Anesthesia workstations


Diamond Anesthesia Workstations are fitted with these specifications:

  • It has a HD flowmeter of five tubes for air, oxygen and nitrogen oxide. There are stoppers induced in the workstation to control the output of oxygen concentration.
  • Pneumatic transmission system is very consistent
  • Basic body is made of strong plastic which is compact, corrosion resistant and attractive
  • It can be used for adults as well as for children
  • Gases like oxygen and nitrogen are sourced at : 0.28~0.6MPa
  • There is a linkage between oxygen and Nitrous oxide and it has a stopper for N2O
  • Oxygen concentration dips below 25% while using nitrous oxide
  • It has a pressure alarm which sounds when oxygen pressure is less than 0.2MPa
  • Its vaporizer functions automatically by controlling pressure, temperature and flow rate

Anesthesia Workstations Manufacturers in India are designing beneficial products which help them in gaining valuable clients who require high-quality material. These products have very high demand in the medical industry in India.