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09 May 2017

Anesthetic Machines or Anesthesia Machines are devices that deliver a mixture of anesthetizing and life sustaining gases to the patient at a safe pressure. Different machines are used for different purposes like modern anesthetic machines have ventilator, suction unit and monitoring devices incorporated in them to be used in hospitals while in dentistry, a simple Anesthesia machine is required that can depress the feeling of pain while the patient is in the conscious stage.

Deluxe Scientific Surgico Private Limited (DESCO) is a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Anesthesia machines and Anesthesia units. A wide variety of products are available in this category including Anesthesia machine silver, Anesthesia machine gold portable, Premium Anaesthesia Delivery System, portable anesthesia machines etc. These machines are designed keeping the safety of the patient in mind as DESCO is a reputed WHO GMP CE CERTIFIED Company and has been manufacturing, supplying and exporting these modern anaesthetic machines all over the world for the last 50 years.

A variety of products are available in this category to meet different needs of the patients:

  • Anesthesia machine silver
  • Anesthesia machine gold
  • Anesthesia machine gold portable
  • Anesthesia machine diamond deluxe
  • Anesthesia machine diamond economy
  • Anesthesia machine diamond standard

Anesthesia machine silver is provided with high efficiency regulators for oxygen and nitrous oxide. In case of oxygen supply failure, an alarm will provide audible indication. Besides this, the machine has safety features, emergency oxygen flush, bain circuit, cylindrical yokes and many other attachments to handle emergency situations.


Anesthesia machine gold has the provision to fit ventilator, emergency drug tray, bain circuit, B.P. apparatus, emergency oxygen flush, nitrous oxygen shut off in case of oxygen failure and hypoxic guard to deal urgency.


Anesthesia machine gold portable is a portable anesthesia machine provided with emergency attachments which ensure that pressure does not build up past 200cm water column and back flow of gases is avoided. The trolley is provided with appropriate drawer to store necessary drugs and other equipment needed for the patient.


DESCO made Anesthesia machine diamond deluxe is a highly efficient device designed with many safety features like low oxygen pressure alarm, modularized design, security alarm system, pneumatic transmission system etc. The machine has excellent performance and can be used for both adult and child.


Anesthesia machine diamond economy has different vapourizers: Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Enflurane to be chosen as required by the patient. Respiratory bellows are provided for adult and children separately with the machine.


Anesthesia machine diamond standard is made up of high-strength corrosion resistant material and is supplied with suffocation alarm, battery voltage alarm, power alarm, 5.7” LCD screen display and is compatible for both adult and child.

DESCO Medical India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality reliable Anesthesia Machines. The products are tested at every stage to provide you with excellent results and efficiency. The machines are available at wholesale competitive prices. Anesthetic machines and Anesthesia apparatus are designed with advanced technology and innovative methods to deliver best services to the patients. DESCO is a brand name and a symbol of quality that is trusted by clients all over the world.