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23 May 2017

In hospitals, patients are sometimes required to be operated and for this purpose, anesthesia is indispensable. Now, anesthesia is given through inhalation of certain gases and it is strictly required that these gases should be inhaled by the patient in prescribed quantity and are not allowed to spread in the air. Anesthesia Face Masks are manufactured for this purpose. These masks have excellent grip and avoid any gas leakage so that the patient can take in necessary gases from the source and the material of the mask prevent any ignition of the gases during the process of anesthesia.

DESCO Medical India is known to manufacture branded high-quality products which are available at wholesale competitive prices.  A variety of easy to use Anesthesia Face Masks are manufactured and supplied by DESCO across the globe.

  • Anesthesia Face Mask: The first and foremost thing that must be there in an Anesthesia Face Mask is that it should be tightly fixed so that no gases can escape. This mask has excellent grip and gas tight seal. It has air cushions which make it comfortable to wear.


  • Antistatic Face Mask: The material used to manufacture this type of mask is Antistatic Black Rubber and electric resistance is the special feature of this mask which prevent ignition of any gases during the process. The mask can be used during respiratory care in the course of anesthesia and resuscitation. It is provided with S.S Hook and Ring, and has sufficient hardness and elasticity.


  • Black Rubber Face Mask: It is made from black rubber and latex free. This air tight mask fits tightly over the nose and mouth of the patient.


  • Silicone Face Mask: This mask is made from high-quality silicone rubber which is latex free, reusable and autoclavable at 134°C.  It is very easy to clean and the mask is long lasting. The extra benefit of the mask are- it checks bleeding, prevents vomiting and has anti-static property.


  • CPR Mask Child: It is a single use device which is used in an emergency procedure of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to provide artificial respiration to patients who are not able to breathe properly. The mask is made especially for child.


  • CPR Mask Adult: These masks are manufactured for adult use to restore brain function, normal blood circulation and breathing in a person suffering from cardiac arrest.


  • CPR Mask Pocket Type: It is a latex free and single use mask used during emergency for patients having cardiac arrest. The mask has an oxygen inlet for oxygen supply, foldable cushion mask and 15mm OD connector for use with the manual resuscitator.


  • Oxygen Mask: It is used to deliver oxygen gas from the supply tank to the lungs. It comes with oxygen tube and adjustable nose clip.


  • Oxygen Mask with Reservoir Bag: The mask comes with oxygen tube and reservoir bag. It is made up of clear and non-toxic PVC.


  • Rendell Bracker Black Face Mask: This black face mask is made up of high-grade silicone rubber and is latex free and autoclavable.


  • Rendell Bracker Silicone Face Mask: This mask is also made up of high-grade silicone and is available in green color.


  • Venturi Mask with 6 Diluters: The patients who need oxygen therapy are given oxygen concentration via Venturi Mask or Air-Entrainment mask that has six color coded diluters. It is a high-flow oxygen therapy device as it supplies oxygen at a specified FiO2.


DESCO made Anesthesia Face Masks are highly recommended for medical practitioners and health professionals who want high-quality safe medical devices and equipment to be used for the treatment of the patients.