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01 Jun 2017

Anesthesia Machine Accessories are manufactured to be used in the process of Anesthesia. DESCO is well-known for its quality products as these are produced under the supervision of experts to provide superior quality to the medical items. There are a number of Hospital Anesthesia Accessories manufactured, supplied and exported by DESCO.

  • Circle Absorber Autoclavable – It provides perfect working support with two chambered canisters and bypass feature that allows canister removal while operation without loss of pressure. The product comes with APL valve and O ring seals.


  • Double Canister Circle Absorber- It has many uses in medical anesthesia like it supports inspiration and expiration process and warming and humidification of inspired gases. In order to work properly, this device has superior automated functioning support.


  • Magill Forceps- This stainless steel made device is used to remove foreign bodies and it is used basically to guide tracheal tube into the larynx or a nasogastric tube into the throat under direct vision.


  • Corrugated Breathing Tube- It is a part of breathing apparatus or anesthetic apparatus for breathing through the device. It may contain a valve so that the air may flow the right way.


  • Head Harness- It is made of silicone rubber of medical grade which isloosely strapped across the cheeks.


  • Expiratory Valves- Expiratory valves are used in the breathing system as part of connector in Anesthesia products. The size of these valves is 22mm.


  • Non Rebreathing Valves- It is also known as “E” valve and it is a part of connector and valves.


  • Angle Mounts and Plug in Mount- They are made up of superior quality raw material and used as part of anesthesia products.


  • Hose Mounts- These mounts are also made from high-quality raw material and supplied in male and female pair.


  • Endotracheal Connector Set- This set is manufactured from excellent quality material which is resistant to corrosion and thus safe for medical use.


  • Bougie Angled Catheter- It is latex free with highly visible colour for correct positioning in low light with barium tip. The two sizes are available and that are 600mm and 800mm length with angled tip.


  • Bougie Straight Catheter- The catheter has extra tip graduations for laryngeal inlet entry and exit guidance.


  • Bougie Ventilating Catheter-They are fitted with 15mm connector with side ports for oxygen delivery. These are disposable with lesser risk of contamination.


  • Catheter Mount- This tube is meant for drainage and can be twisted by 180 degrees without damage or change in performance. These are meant to add extra length to breathing system so they are of great use in anesthesia.


DESCO Medical India is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hospital Anesthesia Accessories in India. The products are made from excellent quality material suitable for medical use. In hospitals, nursing homes and health centers, DESCO products are highly recommended as they are safe and reliable. Anesthesia Machine Accessories are indispensable in the procedure of Anesthesia to provide comfort to the patient during medical treatment. These all products are available at wholesale competitive prices from India.