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10 May 2017

During anaesthesia, sometimes the patient is not able to breathe properly due to some pre-existing medical condition or any other factor responsible. When a person is not conscious, his jaw muscles relax that allows the tongue to obstruct the passage of air thus making the person feel breathless temporarily. The patient can damage his tongue or inner portion of mouth during unconsciousness.  Also, some equipment is indispensable when a person is given anaesthesia to make him breathe effortlessly and stay in stable condition. So to make short term management for normal breathing and to avoid biting of the tongue by the patient, Guedal airways or plastic airways are used in hospitals. A person should be well versed in using the device to avoid complications.

Uses of Anaesthetic Airways

Anaesthetic Airways are used in hospitals during anaesthesia or to deal an emergency situation by medical technicians, health professionals or paramedics. These airways cannot be used in conscious and semi-conscious persons as it may arouse gag reflex and lead to vomiting. The device will protect the tongue and free the air passage for breathing. It facilitates ventilation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

Guedel Airways by DESCO

DESCO Medical India is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of Anaesthesia Airways. Guedel Airways or Oropharyngeal Airways are manufactured by DESCO for patients who are given anaesthesia or are unconscious for some other reasons to help them breathe normally and avoid biting of tongue during unconsciousness. The tongue is lifted up the posterior pharyngeal wall so that it does not obstruct the way of breathing. The Guedel Airway, also called Oral Airway, OPA or Guedel Pattern Airway, is made up of non-toxic material and is pyrogen free.


  • As the name Oropharyngeal Airways indicate, the medical equipment is used to create an unhindered Oropharyngeal pathway.
  • Bite blocks are coded with colours for easy size identification.
  • The product is E.T.O sterile.
  • They are often used during emergency in hospital.
  • The Guedel Airway works by checking the tongue from covering the epiglottis as this can obstruct the breathing pathway.
  • It has tubular air channel and is easy to clean.
  • DESCO has manufactured the product in various sizes to makes it suitable for both children and adults.
  • The size of the OPA is measured right from the first incisors to the angle of the jaw.
  • It allows easy insertion but sometimes lubricant may be used
  • It is removed simply by pulling


DESCO is a brand name known for its high-quality products. In medical field, one cannot take risk of using inferior quality equipment or devices. DESCO is determined to supply efficient tools that are tested for quality at every step so as to ensure unadulterated outcomes. The Oral Airway can be used for infant, children and adult simply by measuring the correct size for maximum effectiveness. It will control biting of a tongue, cheeks or lips by the patient besides restoring normal breathing. The device should be used by an expert and intermittently removed to take care of oral cavity.