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Model No : MDTT 101


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Short Description

Tracheostomy Tube Plain Manufactured by Desco Medical India

Product Description

Tracheostomy Tube Plain Manufactured by Desco Medical India
Tracheostomy Tube is made from non-toxic, non-irritant, medical grade clear PVC.
It is used to maintain a patent airway through tracheostomy and mechanically ventilate patients.
It is kink resistant, thin-walled, thermo-sensitive tube, softens at body temperature.
Lockable obturator with facility to insert guide wires to facilitate intubation using the widely accepted Seldinger guide wire technique.
Anatomically designed tube and obturator with extra smooth and curved distal end for atraumatic intubation and extubation.
Smooth inside / outside surface for ease in intubation, extubation and suctioning.
Kink resistant inflation tube to ensure patient safety during cuff inflation and deflation.
Radio opaque line and markings provided to facilitate identification of tube position.
Universal 15 mm connecter at proximal end.
E.T.O Sterile and Pyrogen free. 
For single patient use.
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Tracheostomy Tube Plain at wholesale competitive prices from India.  
Model No Sizes
MDTT 101 6.0 mm
MDTT 102 6.5 mm
MDTT 103 7.0 mm
MDTT 104 7.5 mm
MDTT 105 8.0 mm
MDTT 106 8.5 mm
MDTT 107 9.0 mm